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Our village has a good selection of restaurants to keep visitors happy. If you want to splash out, I recommend Lou Calen's Jardin Secret. Picotte is a close second! For casual fair go to Café de L'Union or Le Temps de Pose. It's always best to reserve a table in advance. If you want cool ambience and pizza head to La Tuf where you can grab a great beer on tap or a rosé wine and order your pizza from Pizzaiola.


1) Le Jardin Secret at Lou Calen

2) Picotte

3) Le Mas de Cotignac (outside of village)

4) Le Clos des Vignes (outside of village)

5) La Table des Coquelicots

6) Café du Cours

7) La Table de Marie Alice

8) Les Trois Marches

9) Pizzaiola (outside of village)

10) Brasserie Quatre Saisons

11) Modern Bar

12) Café de L'Union

13) Paulette

14) Hotel du Cours

15) Le Madras (Carces)

16) SOS Pizza (take out only)

17) Edo-san Sushi (take out only)

Best ambience bars with aperitifs

1) Didier's Wine bar at Le Jardin Secret (open from mid June to mid September)

2) La Tuf (beer), on the terrace or indoors

Casual bars and cafés 

1) Nestuby Wine bar (food served)

2) Au Trente-et-un Café et Boutique (breakfast and aperos, simple lunch)

3) Modern Bar (food served)

4) Café de L'Union (food served)

5) Le Marigny

6) Le Temps de Pose

Coffees and miniardises Jardin
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