From the 9th of June 2021 restaurants will be allowed to stay open until 11pm and that means we can all enjoy a leisurely dinner in addition to lunch! Here is a basic list of what's on offer here in Cotignac, from highest to least costly in my opinion. Included at the end are some bars too.


1) Le Jardin Secret at Lou Calen

2) Le Mas de Cotignac (outside of village)

3) Le Clos des Vignes (outside of village)

4) La Table des Coquelicots

5) Café du Cours

6) La Table de Marie Alice

7) Les Trois Marches

8) Pizzaiola (outside of village)

9) Brasserie Quatre Saisons

10) Modern Bar

11) Bar de L'Union

12) Paulette

13) Creperie La Sarrazine

14) Hotel du Cours

15) SOS Pizza (take out only)

Best ambience bars with aperitifs

1) Didier's Wine bar at Le Jardin Secret

2) La Tuf (beer)

Casual bars and cafés 

1) Nestuby Wine bar (food served)

2) Au Trente-et-un Café et Boutique (breakfast and aperos)

3) Modern Bar (food served)

4) Bar de L'Union (food served)

5) Le Marigny

Opening at the end of June 2021: La Terrasse under new ownership and if rumour has it right, an excellent new chef (Michelin starred)! Located on the Place Joseph Sigaud.

Coffees and miniardises Jardin